I'm a songwriter and a singer, play guitar and harmonica to accompany the songs I write. Story teller goes along with it all, the songs written are words that tell  each story that has been given to me....to shape and put music to.

I have always been drawn to words, and  language....the way we communicate....life, we all have our own story.   Song writers, from early civilization to this modern age have been that voice of the generations to carry... thru their  words and music, their story`s given to the people. Any true Art form that is from the heart, is a gift to be given and shared, Picasso said " the meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away "
....we own nothing and take nothing with us, so...to share what you have been given is powerful !  The songs keep coming and I keep writing them down and I hope that never stops!

I first picked up a old beat up guitar when I was 14 and refinished it, got a music book and taught myself to play, Sailors Pipe Horn, and What Do You With A Drunken Sailor....not big hits in the early 60`s ...but you have to start somewhere. Thru the years played with other musicians, but never did any song writing until my early 20`s. I somehow made it thru the sixty`s and in the 70`s learned a trade and became a Carpenter to make a living, always playing my guitar whenever  I had time, also doing Art... painting, that I  had studied  in College. I worked with some musicians thru the years and formed some bands, "  Tryen "....." Juble Rose "....The Cat Band " and " Red Wing " ....with Red Wing we recorded a CD, in 2014, titled " Toe In The Water " ...available on Amazon, CD Baby, I Tunes, and Spotify.....really. So here I am now and have been most fortunate to link up with Gene Stashuk recently and we have put together our love for music and songwriting to form ..." Nickels and Dimes " ...Americana Music at its finest.... hope to see you at our next show !



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